Quinta do Pôpa

Decanting Tour Douro Valley

Characterized by having an innovative image for the new generation of wine lovers, as well as keeping the family traditions alive, Quinta do Pôpa is our featured wine maker/brand this week.

One of the brands of wine that has always caught my attention, for the way its image is marketed is “Quinta do Pôpa”.
By looking at their effort put into graphic communication I early concluded that this was not the typical approach to a traditional wine consumer. From the bottle labels to their social network posts, event organization and cellar decoration concept – everything is nicely harmonized and seems to have a clear influence of the younger generation of the family.

The name “Pôpa” has its origins on Mr. Francisco Ferreira’s nickname, the grand father of Stephane and Vanessa who lead the project of making Quinta do Popa a name to have in consideration for the next few decades.

Douro Tour Decanting
Disctinct proximity to the river and detail of a graphic sign at Quinta do Pôpa located in the Douro Valley

For this and for being extremely good hosts of small groups only, we chose Pôpa to be one of our Douro Tour partners. Here we can choose between two different kinds of tasting and there is the opportunity of having picnics too!

You can send us a message booking your Douro Tour, saying that you would specifically like to go to this Wine Estate or to any other! Or write us directly to hello@decantingtours.com


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